Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Looking For A New Metal Roof But Want Wood Shake?

The Feel of Wood Shake: 

Wood shake adds a warm and natural look to the home.

Matterhorn's vision for their cedar metal roof was to create a metal shake roofing panel that perfectly captures the look of weathered wood cedar shakes.

Now available: Matterhorn Metal Roof Wood Shake Without the Maintenance!

Plus - did you know Matterhorn® roofs reflect more than 70% of solar heat!

Find out more from your local Matterhorn Metal Roof Dealer and Home Remodeling Installer in Toledo, Ohio by visiting 


  1. My wife and I used them for roofing, siding, and gutter replacement to our home after a severe hail storm. All our questions were promptly answered by them throughout the repair process. They were especially helpful in working with our insurance company adjuster. All items on the checklist were completed professionally and completely to our satisfaction.
    Monroe Roof Companies

  2. This is some of the nicest roofing I've ever seen! And let's be real, who DOESN'T want metal roofing with wood shake? It's pretty much the best kind of roofing there is.

    Fred | Roofing Lancaster PA


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