Friday, July 15, 2016


Are you in need of patching up a leaking roof or replacing your aging roof any time soon? As winter is fast approaching...yes I know it is SUMMER....but you know the old saying...summer today...winter tomorrow in the Midwest! Remember our winter hit of over a foot of snow in APRIL of this year? I DO!

Harsh weather - even in the changing seasons from spring to summer to fall can greatly affect a roof’s life span and performance - especially if it is an asphalt roof. This is why so many are now turning to the idea of changing their asphalt roofs to a metal roof. Metal roofs offer low to no maintenance throughout the year, and can provide even more benefits during the colder months when snow and wind are painfully harsh on our homes and roofs.

A few of the benefits metal roofing offers all year long include:

  • Cuts the cost of heating and air conditioning bills which results in lower energy costs all year long
  • Manufactured to resist damage from trees, snow, ice and other harsh elements from nature
  • Metal roofs continuously give back financially and environmentally

At Residential Renovation we offer year-round installation so even if you want to wait until December to have us install your metal roof we can! Don't wait call us today start the conversation! You might be surprised how inexpensive a new metal roof might be!

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