Monday, April 17, 2017

Can I Install My Metal Roof Or Does It Take A Professional Roofer

Many feel Asphalt roofs are easy to install, have a relatively inexpensive installation cost and anyone can install a roof. It's true there is no issue of expansion and contraction with shingles. Due to limited lifespan, life-cycle costs are higher than metal roofing. However, asphalt roofs also need to be installed in the right weather conditions or they can have what is called blow off during certain weather conditions right after installation. Blow off is when shingles literally blow off the roof of a home.

Metal roofs however are best left to professional installers for many reasons. Metal roofs must be installed correctly for proper weather-tightness and to allow for expansion and contraction. Initial installation of a metal roof and materials costs may start at 20% more than that of an asphalt roof, although due to its long lifespan, life-cycle costs may be lower than an asphalt roof.

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