Sunday, May 6, 2018

Just the Facts for the ECO-FRIENDLY Roof Replacement BUYER!

  1. The type of roofing material used on a home has a measurable impact on the quality of rooftop rainwater runoff, which affects natural, agricultural, and human health. 
  2. Due to water scarcity and contamination, harvesting rainwater for domestic use is becoming increasingly popular.
  3. Metal roofs are usually recommended as the ultimate roofing material for rainwater collection systems.
  4. Runoff from typical asphalt shingle roofs has been shown in research to contain traces of hazardous lead, arsenic, and mercury.
  5. Rainwater harvested from a metal roof is superior to that from an asphalt shingle roof in terms of total organic carbon, turbidity, and color. 
  6. Runoff from asphalt shingle roofs has shown significantly higher concentrations of dissolved organic carbon, which can react with chlorine during disinfection to form harmful byproducts.
  7. Water from roofs with wooden or asphalt shingles can contain chemicals used for waterproofing and weathering treatments.
  8. Coated steel roofs, such as Matterhorn products, greatly reduce the amounts of zinc and copper released by traditional galvanized metal roofs.

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