Friday, March 8, 2019

Alert! Storm Season Has Arrived! Is Your Roof Ready?

A recent wave of storms have resulted in widespread damage to residential homes. Falling trees, wind, heavy rains, and even hail can break, split and cause tear-off damage to traditional asphalt roofing materials, resulting in big repair or replacement costs.

Today, contractors, roofers and homeowners have discovered that metal roofs can protect homes from extreme weather events more than ever.

Most of the damage to a traditional asphalt roofs in a storm is caused by water damage to the contents of the house when shingles are fractured or in bad need of repair. When an asphalt roof has a crack or missing shingle, water can stream into the home and damage the home from the roof down to the inside contents. Severe or light water damage can then lead to mold and serious repair or even replacement bills and insurance claims.

However, metal roofs are very tough and highly resistant to all types of storm damage - especially hail. Hail cannot penetrate a metal roof. In fact, most metal roofing solutions have the highest impact resistance rating - Class 4 - granted by the UL (Underwriters’ Laboratory). What this means to you is that a sample of the product did not crack when hit twice in the same spot by a 2-inch steel ball, which, in a storm, would translate into a huge hailstone. As a result of metal roofing’s superior performance in hail prone areas, some insurance companies even provide a reduced rate for homes protected by metal roofs.

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